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07 April 2008 @ 02:51 pm
Some awesome SVU fanfiction that I have compiled together. These are only a portion as I have over 2,000 stories saved xD I will add to this every time I find a new one.

Ones I'm yet to read (that sound good):
When It Rains by boredsvunut3
Wishful Thinking by police_dogs_rock
Brawl by sucker punch
Flight, A Novel by Kaitco
Mundane and the Fantastic, Darling by Jill

My favorite re-reads are:

Everything by Mousie962, Topsy, 007 & Evil Giddy.

Going to the Chapel, Rules, Grace, Black Eyes, Blue Tears by Topsy

Jack, Personal Training, Trajectory, Across The Hudson by 007

After, Kairos, Genesis by 007 (series)

Noah's Ark, There Will Be A Light, For All of This by Kulligan

Eye Sex, Gone, Phone Sex, Ropes by MaddyM

Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Martini by Mayson1230 (series)

Trust, Say The Truth by Mayson1230 (series)

Static, Equilibrium by Leigh

Rescue, Crash by jabyar

Circumstance, Burden by detectvmistress

Phoenix by Novak
Purest Of Pain by Lori2279
Come Back to Bed by Rozsa

If you know of some other awesome ones, let me know!
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28 January 2006 @ 01:02 pm
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